Frequently Asked Questions about The Gun Garage's Guns and Shooting Ranges.

Can I pick up My Brass?
Members or guest will not be allowed to pick up brass. For insurance purposes it will fall into a trap so it is not under foot. There is a company that manufacturers “brass Catchers” that members can use. You are welcome to bring your own or we will have them for sale close to our cost. 

Can I try a gun before I purchase it?
You are welcome to rent any firearms in our rental fleet to try it before you buy it. New guns cannot be fired before purchase. 

How much is a membership? 
Here is a link to our membership price listwith full details on each option. 

How old do I have to be to use the range?
You must be legal to possess the firearm on your own to use the range on your own without a legal guardian present. You must be 18 years or older for rifles and shot guns and 21 or older for pistols. 

What Kind of ammo can be used in the ranges?
Use this link to view “what can you shoot” at the Gun Garage ranges. 

When I purchase a membership, do I need to pay lane fees that same day? 
Yes, the membership gives you access to the range. The lane fees are for each visit. 

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